About Rachel

Hi! I’m Rachel Dewberry and I want to make you a different kind of video. My wedding videos are for people who have a creative spirit. They want a piece of art that captures the essence and vibe of their wedding day; something that flows effortlessly and something that is more focused on the people and the motion of the day than getting bogged down with the details.

For instance, you will never find me showing a shot of your dress on a hanger, I’d rather capture it in motion while you are wearing it! My videos are for people who enjoy the timeless look of snippets from your day moving to music. I also love the magic and nostalgic quality of old home videos. It’s a little messy, but so beautiful and perfectly imperfect. For that reason, I incorporate some Super 8 film footage into all of my videos.

A little background on me: I have a degree in Advertising and have been shooting videos with my husband under the name “Dewberry Cinema” for the last 7 years. I recently decided to solo shoot weddings in the style described above, while my husband decided to focus on commercial work.

Interested in commercial work? I still do that! Commercial project rates vary. Just send me an email with your vision so we can discuss!